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Everything I do in my life relates back to a context that I hold for myself connected to my core values. FREEDOM, POWER, & LOVE.

I discover who I am in reflections of this intention because I know what is important to me.
And as a result, I know who I am.
I am committed to crafting my Identity from choice instead of believing in a persona. And as I move through living this out in my life, it transforms into embodied wisdom.
This is how we evolve and install true and lasting change in our lives. It is how we get from where we are to where we want to go without slipping back into old patterns.
Evolution happens when we change and the changes we developed are the new normal. Our cells change. Our bodies change. We expand and become something new.

At the beginning of last year I decided a few things.

I wanted to travel and connect to a sense of freedom in myself that desired to be on the move and work online.
I wanted to experience physical love that matched my capacity for depth and growth.
I wanted to release myself from limiting body reactions and thought systems. Grids of experience that shadowed my days with anxiety and low level depression.
I wanted release from pressure.
I wanted to discover how I DO life. How I DO business. How I DO expression of my gifts.
And I wanted to show up for this with a kind of grit and fearless savagery that I have always known lived inside of me.
I decided it was my gift and I was going to use it.
As someone who has always jumped in head first, I understood myself to be tenacious when it came to creating.
But underneath that raw and natural talent was a mangled and twisted version of myself that was dead. Living out useless life patterns like a zombified shadow eating its own brains. The me addicted to hustle, powerlessness, and suffering.
So I set an intention.
This year I would create the life I dreamed of. The one that I wanted to live.
That no matter what, I would meet myself with the question: "What would you say yes to if you weren't afraid of pain and loss?"
I committed myself to see opportunity in everything that came my way. I would focus with the same level of tenacity I applied to what had devolved in me.
But this time. Instead. I would evolve.
You see, In order for me to get to that intention, I had to understand a few things. I understood that fear is always what gets in the way of our evolution. I understood that the heart is the home of the Divine in us. And I understood that our soul seeks out spiritual gravity. In the same way that gravity keeps us here on Earth, our soul is searching for a form of gravity to remain grounded. In our feet. Engaged. Playing the game with us. Guiding us along.
Walking with us.
Something miraculous happens when we choose to believe in what is possible. Transformation becomes us and we develop a relationship with a future self.
We become embodied evolution. We become Freedom, Power, and Love.
I have traveled. In the past year I have been to Guatemala, Croatia, Czech, Canada, Arizona, Nevada, name a few.
I have experienced love.
I have learned to love myself.
I have embodied power.
I have heard a deeper, more authentic version of my voice.
I have eradicated a baseline, nagging, expression of anxiety and pressure in my life.
I have created money.
I have created opportunity.
And I have been able to meet this in me, in every moment.
What I can tell you, is that this formula is the template for freedom.
And it wasn't easy. I learned a lot.
I am going to be sharing more about my journey here on my blog. The trips I have taken, the delicious food I have cooked, how I have created cash while traveling, and the WHO that I am.
Living in context.....
I hope you enjoy this series of musing and discovery.
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