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What is Reality Creation and why should we master it?


The answer to this question is very simple. You are well equipped. 


Right now, in this very moment in your life, I can bet you that you are having an experience of reality.


It is possible that you are sitting on your couch typing and watching a fire like I am. Listening to the crackle and hiss of flames….feeling its warmth.

You might be excited about your day tomorrow, or you might be dreading it. You could be thinking about how to balance life and responsibilities so that you can have more ease.

I can also imagine that you have goals, dreams, and places you want to go. Vacations and hobbies to explore. Relationships that fulfill you and others that don’t. I am also willing to wager that you are interacting with resources in your life. Making money at your job.  Spending money on what matters to you. Managing your stress., considering your future and doing your best to enjoy the moment.


And IF you are someone who has a desire for mastery, you are thinking about how you can make adjustments and grow.


As I said, you are well equipped.


If you had no awareness whatsoever that the choices you make in your life dictated the results, you'd be lost. But you're not. You know that you can pivot and shift. You know that when you learn a new skill, you develop wisdom. You know that you have the power to create reality and evolve.


Change, Choice, and Creation is your makeup. You are crafting reality in every moment with your perception. You awareness is a choice. Your beliefs are a choice. How you manage your relationship with your spirit is a choice. And whether you are aware of it or not, you are always choosing.


The question is, are you doing it with Mastery?


Reality Creation is how you perceive, process, and experience life. The reason you want to do it with mastery is because your higher intelligence is adept. Your soul is free and inspired. And your human is ready to evolve.


It could be that concepts like manifestation or shadow work appeal to you. This is because on some level you get that you can intend a desired outcome and experience a result. You also understand that there are parts of you that don't believe this is true. The limited parts. And these limitations, falsehoods, or shadow expressions of yourself need to go.


So where do we start?




Creating space for the new means releasing the old. And while this is true, how we define this release in our lives creates the layers we experience on top of truth. Those layers are important to pay attention to if we are on a path of mastery. It is very easy to get lost in a spiritual loop of fantasy and healing, never to arrive anywhere true or real. It is important that we look in the right places. Truth is sequence, patterns, math. Truth is simple, it is functional.


It operates.


DECODING REALITY: A startup guide.


  1. COMPREHENSION: Comprehension means that you educate yourself on how reality programs operate. You learn to understand what they serve in you. You filter your lived experience by crafting an identity. You decide what belongs to persona and what you want for you. You discover who you are by giving yourself what you need to decode. And then you learn how to upgrade your OS.


  1. ENROLLMENT: The right place to start is through acceptance of your YES or NO. Accept that reality is a malleable and complex construction of your perception. Accept your power to master it. Accept that you are well equipped. And then peel back the layers. We do this by decoding our relationship to illusion and focusing on what matters. What matters is how we programmed ourselves from birth until your choice moment.


  1. CHOOSE MASTERY: Your choice moment is the moment where you discovered that you created the rules and the game. For me that choice moment sparked in me at a very young age but I spent my entire life chasing the embers. It wasn't until I decided to look at functional truth and see the whole, that I was able to become the fire. There is no justifiable reason for you to be mediocre in this space. It is not who you are. The desire you hold in your life for any form of attainment exists here. You are a force of creation. Become the fire.


For me, DECODING Reality is one of my favorite topics to teach because I know how much power we recover. The way it feels in our body, mind, and soul to say NO to illusion is beyond description. The clarity we achieve is cellular freedom. There are three Reality Programs that we focus on decoding inside of SINATIA. If you are ready to become a Reality Master, keep reading along and learn from us.


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