DIVINE OPERATING SYSTEM: Aligning With Your Higher Self

divineos humanoperatingsystem humantechnology multidimensionalawareness thedarkdivinemysteryschool May 25, 2022

First and foremost, every piece of wisdom here does not aim to indoctrinate you. You have the free will to choose whatever you want to believe in. But being considerate can also open numerous doors of wonderful experiences for you.

All of this is a work of magic coming from the great wisdom of the Divine. All of us here are craving for answers but only a few are meant to discover.


Inside the life field, there is a great quest that most of us might never experience. It is the journey to clarity and discovery of what you really want to be in the most potent and profound way. 

Human life is tied to never-ending responsibilities and it makes aligning with your higher self horridly restrictive. Sometimes, with all the hassle, we forget our truest and purest desire and can’t bring it from dark to light. 

If you really want to establish this inner clarity, you need to be anchored in your body and you need to be connected in your soul. It’s easier said than done but it’s possible, 100%. 

You have the willpower to make it happen. Your brain just persistently creates a delusional world where you are unable to identify all the variables related to the decision-making process.

Our Divine Operating System (DIVINEOS) will only be awakened when our “human” reaches the level of consciousness that comprehends the mechanics of the full spectrum system.

We function like a computer and some frameworks need to be installed and reprogrammed. Limited beliefs and viruses should be deleted.

For some, this can be one of the most intriguing paradigms of thought.

Why? It is because the world never taught us how to express ourselves Multidimensionally.

Human perception is divergent, opposing, and most of the time antagonizing. No matter what contexts you believe, others will still believe different things. We can never live in synchronicity and harmony if we choose to exist with this imposed system and with our inner chaos. 

You have to dig in and understand what factors shaped your own beliefs. Once you identify the core of the problem, it will be easier to release the old and integrate a new one. All of the visions you see can become your reality.

We can modulate our presence into different dimensions. In fact, you already did on the surface level. Imagine managing or connecting to people from across the world. Time is not an issue as long as you have the aid of these computers who hep you deal with time differences. You can send all those emails at once or simply choose a specific receiver. At that specific moment, you exist in your own reality. Think about having the capability to become the computer itself, to exist with your Divine Operating System.

This is how aligning with your higher self works.

You exist in the multiverse of your intention inside DIVINEOS.


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