Living a Life You Love

What does it mean to Live a Life you Love?


In the past, I can say that I have tried to reach this goal a million times over but never understood what it actually meant to live a life that I loved. 


I thought it would come in the form of relationships, jobs, salaries, vacations, cars, toys, clothes, makeup….all the things that I believed would make me happy. 


But none of it ever satiated me on a deeper level. 


This is the symptom of empty consumerism. 


As with everything I teach and embody in my own life, I am always looking at the correctness of my system and questioning myself with curiosity about making what I experience right instead of wrong. 


That is the correct perception of power and creation in us and when we learn to take responsibility for this shift, doors to our awareness and truth open up in ways we never thought possible. 


So if it is correct that I have a desire to consume and I am attempting to fill it with things that make me happy, what does that mean about this function in my life and how to get what I really want?


1. The first step is acceptance (ownership, commitment, responsibility)  

What it means is that we are designed to consume. The question is what and why? 


We are designed to feel happy…but happiness is an empty, meaningless word if we don’t look at what creates the decision in ourselves that we are happy. 


Energy assumes. 


We consume. 

2. The second step is understanding function (mechanical, physical, energetic) 

We consume because on an operational level, the function of our system is simple =  input, processing, output. Consumption is inherent because we are always processing data and energy. Consuming information through our mind and senses creates a perception that turns into emotion and experience. This is why manifestation happens in the body and co-creates with our awareness. 


I find that without fail, everything in operation active inside of collective reality constructs serves a purpose, it is just inverted and distorted. 


3. The third step is understanding energy

Energy assumes. It rises to meet and match your beliefs because the programs active in your system dictate how much access you have to your own power source. Think of it like a computer attempting to have enough memory to download new programs. The task is to clear out everything that is junking up the system if you want to change and create your life. It is important to cultivate energy and put equal if not more awareness into this position of power in your life. It is not all about action, it is about being and becoming. 


What this means is that when you send your energy forward to lead, it rises up to give you the wisdom and access to the internal gifts that you already have. If you know the steps to take it becomes a beautiful dance between your soul and your human. 


Living a Life you Love is about loving yourself and your life no matter where you are at any moment. 


It means believing in yourself in such a committed way that fear programs begin to unravel. 


It means that you are able to find the gold in every moment of your experience and extract the lesson.


Heart-Mind cohesion that leads to embodiment. 


At some point in our lives we become this and it doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle from time to time, it just means that when we do we know exactly how to come back home. 


Someone shared this quote with me today: 


 “ Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it” Author unknown. 


I love my life. I have a sweet, incredible boyfriend who brings me glasses of water, plugs in my computer while I am working, organizes my house, does the dishes, cleans out my wallet (just because he wants to help me do life better), we share the same goals and dreams, he encourages me to stand up for myself, believes I can do anything I say I can, and kisses me on the shoulder while I am driving. 


I love my life. I have amazing clients and leaders in my world. They understand complex concepts and three dimensional architecture as a form of language and even though they struggle with life at times, they always come back to their own power and desire to be who they truly are. They are resilient, they cultivate true power. I am so grateful for this my heart bursts when I think about it. 


I love my life. I have people in my life who challenge me to step into higher levels of leadership. Sometimes they call me out and I have the opportunity to speak from my heart and step up. Sometimes they swirl inside of their own delusion and I can see it so clearly, it teaches me more about patterns and what I am capable of. I learn grace. 


In every moment of every day I have the opportunity to create, to grow, to expand, to connect, to speak my truth. All chaos that comes my way is put to good use. All beauty that comes my way is received. If we can see ourselves for who we are, what we find is that life is truly abundant and we are always provided for. The divine is speaking to us, magic breaths in our body. 


 So the next time you think about desiring to live a life that you love, ask yourself "Am I loving my life right now? If not how do I think I am ever going to live it." You have to take the first step towards walking the life of your dreams hand in hand with The Divine. 


We are never alone. 


Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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