Mechanisms of What Remains

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Go into the center of your heart. 


Feel the point in the center.


In the center of the center. 


Go deeper inside of that.


And then inside of that.


Go inside of that. 


And inside of that. 


And into the center of that. 


Feel and see a warm rose colored light. 


Allow that light to grow and create a shape around you. 


Let it encompass your being and hold you. 


Cleanse yourself of what needs to go.


What do you hear about who you are?


Allow yourself to hear the shame, judgment,  and fear. 


Listen to the “I am”


Watch these definitions release and know that it is being filled with this warm rose colored heart light. 


Let yourself feel joyful, grateful, and appreciate what you are willing to release. 


What more are you willing to release? 


Can you release more?


Can you release more than that?


Can you forgive yourself for that?


Can you be more than that?


In the space inside of that.


Who are you when you are no longer that.


What else is possible when you are no longer that?


What is the bigger dream when the dream is no longer connected to that?


What is left after that?


What remains after that?


Who are you now?


What supports you now?


What are you interested in now?


What inspires you now?


How do you define yourself now?


Go back into your heart-space. 


Feel the space inside of that.


What is deeper than that?


And the space inside of that.


When you release all of that, what is left?


What is true?


What do you know about yourself?


What matters to you now?


How do you feel now?


How do you define yourself now?


Take a deep breath.


Watch that shape around you and let it release.


Go deep into the space inside of your heart.


And the space inside of that.


And the space inside of that.


And the space that is deeper than that.


How do you feel in that space?


How do you know who you are now?


What do you want now?


Fill yourself with what replaces what you released.


Sense and feel that energy.


Feel the deep deep freedom, relief, the shift.


Allow yourself to become that energy. That awareness.


Become what remains. 


Journal prompt:

What kind of judgments were there? Were you surprised with what came to you? What filled the space of what was released. What was left, what was true for you?


What remains? 

Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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