Organic Human Technology

What if I told you that you functioned like a human computer and had access to advanced spiritual technology?

It is not that difficult to understand is it?

Your body is the hardware, your mind is the software, your power source or plug is your soul and your code is your consciousness and free will.

Multidimensional awareness is your UX

DIVINEOS or The Divine Operating system is the OS upgrade.

Everything we do and believe creates programs in our system that once created, run on autopilot and become part of our subconscious OS. This includes the “good” and the “bad” which simply means the programs that get us closer to functioning the way we want to and the ones that don’t. Some of these programs are hardwired like the body’s automatic functions to keep us alive but anything we can bring consciousness awareness to can be shifted and reprogrammed - CODED.

Distortion and incorrect perception creates viruses.

Our system desires clean, efficient processing. Input, processing, output.

Why? Because we are designed to function with speed and power ie. the higher dimensions in us.

When we don’t function this way we feel off and search for a solution.

Because the soul is the plug or pure life force, it is the part of us that can feel the entirety of the health of the full spectrum system and it drives us forward towards correction.

Ultimately this is why spiritual soul searching is unfulfilling until we address the functional truth of how the system operates and detach from human story and fantasy (junk programs) so that the data processing can see itself clearly (ego) and create code/commands that don’t drain our RAM. We want full system alignment so that we can be what we are.

The heart or the super computer keeps us connected to the Divine and the higher dimensions of love, gratitude, faith, and trust in us that creates beautiful code and emotion to ensure we don’t lose ourselves to the lack of emotion inherently capable in our system. Heaven or Hell people, it lives in you.

It’s simple.

When you do this what happens is your DIVINE Operating System comes online and you start communicating with the universe or master code and life begins to organize and create itself around you.

This is also why I find it inane when people in the online spiritual or coaching community talk about the term codes like a spiritual fad or buzzword…I mean they are the way most people use them but that is not because the functionality is incorrect. Only the comprehension of the user.

Technology is a perfectly designed creation model for deep and profound self realization when properly applied to spirituality and human function. It is a language that people can understand who don’t have the mindset to care about religion or transcendence.

The reason it is so powerful is because it has no human emotion or spiritual fantasy connected to it. It simply functions the way that it does and the one in control of it can create whatever they want from it within the parameters of its operation.

It is a potent and powerful tool for thriving, creation, and connection just like you.

Just depends on how you use it.

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