The Paradox of Evolution

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I have changed quite a bit recently...


I mean we all do, it's not that mysterious. What is more interesting to me is the question of how.


Magic, self development, what matters to me and how to get where I am going has a different vibration.


The past couple of years have been a catalyst for many of us in the direction of massive change.


The unexpected has a way of sparking big moves in our lives.

We surrender to creativity when external circumstances are out of our control. We don't know what to do so we do what is natural to us.


In a nutshell, this is how evolution works. Humans orient to external conditions that are out of the norm or challenging and then we adjust. If life pushes us into environments we haven’t accounted for or encountered yet, we adapt. When we meet at the intersection of innovation and potential, we speed up.


Adaptation vs. Intentional Acceleration.


The truth is, the human system evolves from survival states. The Soul System evolves the human from Freedom states.


The hardwired functionality of survival in our system oscillates between fear and necessity. What I can see is the time is ripe to find another way. We can innovate, we inspire.


We can become embodied evolution.  

Each of us holds a paradox of evolution inside of us.


The task is to Survive or Thrive.


Survive or Thrive is the polarity that exists inside of you. This frequency manifests into physical reality. When spiritual people talk about ascension, 3D, 5D, 12D etc…. What they are talking about is this range of frequency inside of us. To me, it is as simple as that.


The paradox of evolution holds the key to all forms of active seeking in your being. Consider pivotal moments in human evolution that were born from invention and necessity. The seeking is looking for a state of being where you can operate at full spectrum capacity. Why is this true? Because your soul chose to come here and create with your human. You are scientist of your own creational potential. Every technological advance throughout history has enhanced the parameters of potential evolution. The building blocks available to you on Earth encompass all relevant templates.


If we can touch and observe, if we apply sequence, if we do away with limited sight, we have access to functional truth.


Humans adapt to crises and grow because of their humanity, community, and ingenuity. We do this because of our connection and proximity to each other. In moments of peace and ease, humans evolve in innovation, art, and expression.  

Our drive to evolve manifests as either reactive or proactive.

And depending on where we focus our awareness, we can devolve as well. We see examples of this in society at all the time.


I ask myself the question, what is true for me now…..


For me, the pandemic pushed me into making decisions in my life I was afraid to make because of comfort and fear.


I left the bay area, let go of a career and dissolved many personas I had crafted around myself. Chaos creates new opportunities if we see solutions instead of problems.


And again I ask myself the question, what is true for me now?


After years of observing, embodying, and teaching, what is true for me now is that I need simple tools. The more I know about how the formula works, the more simple it becomes.


The more my Operating System believes me, the less I need to convince it.


The days where I searched for signs from the universe or a magic that would solve all my problems are gone.


What I am left with is this a very comprehensive understanding of the formulas we use to create reality. The sequences that decode, reprogram, and recode our OS. I am connected to the drive in us to understand this and move in the direction of our choosing. And not only the truth of that, but the why and the how.


What is true for me is that self leading your Operating System will change your reality. 

Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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