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What is a matrix? A matrix is an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.


This is a useful perception in the sense that we acknowledge and understand that we are always creating, existing and operating inside of shapes. We develop them. They are the environment we perceive. They live inside of us and outside of us. 


Shapes of knowing. Shapes of divine truth. Shapes of powerlessness. Shapes of delusion. Shapes of clarity. Shapes of protection. Shapes of reality. Shapes of individual persepctive….I could keep going but I will stop here. 


The point is, structure is everywhere. We are in a constant state of alignment or opposition to the shapes that we create and those that have been created. When certain rules, systems, structures don’t work for us - we know it. When we seek alignment, it is more about the shape that we are in now shifting towards the shape we desire to be in. When we don’t understand this we feel victimized by the constraints. Trapped and unable to access the variety of dimensions we can see, feel, and ultimately know we already own. We expend focus and energy contemplating the wrong formulas. Creating frustration. 


This is the truth of math. Sacred geometry. Nature. Hierarchies. Movement. Energy. And ultimately, creation.


When we perceive the mechanisms of reality in the form of shapes instead of stories, we become the observer, the scientist, and the narrator. 


We create space inside of that shape to define ourselves without external oppression of good, bad, right, wrong…we accept responsibility. We embody agency. 


This is a perspective I have been creating inside of for years, in all truth it is the most natural way for me to perceive life and apply my mind to what is functional and applicable. When I set out to learn what I could learn about why I am here - what I am here to share - it always came down to watching patterns and energy move through shapes. I found a lot of freedom and depth in this perspective. I was no longer telling myself what I knew to be true about who I was or what I was capable of. I started watching the way reality, the soul, and the human interacted with each other and reduced it to root functionality. 


There is a diagram, a blueprint in you. It lives under the surface and informs the pathways that you process through. This diagram serves to show you the conduits that you create with, it creates space for you to define. It honors and speaks to your own uniqueness and depth. Its discovery is your purpose. You are the navigator. And at the most potent level of your existence you are a powerful and adept creator of reality. 


There really is nothing more than this. 


The first part of your life, you created inside a singular human matrix. Studying and programming yourself within the confines of human limitation, your family, society, the rules. You developed personas and created the walls just so you could tear them down. The human matrix creates a lot of pressure, it pushes on us and builds resilience and power from a soul perspective. 


The second part of your life, when you accept the calling of Soul expansion, is that of learning how to build and operate from a Soul Matrix. An entirely new set of rules that you take responsibility for. Because you remember who you are and you have spent enough time in the contrasting polarity of pressure to choose a different way forward. The process of learning how to build this is my work - Soul Schematics. 


Here are some Experiential Anchors I have found in my years of devotion to the study of Soul Schematics that are a common theme. You may have experienced or resonate with one of these Anchors. 


  • The Awakening: Experiencing an initiation: one main event download where it's like the soul and the universe turned on the spigot and an incomprehensible amount of high level information and “downloads” come in all at once. The most common thing I hear from my clients is that each and every one of them (myself included) has experienced this main event download. We never know what to do with it at the time but it sets us on a path we can never unsee or know. 

  • The Motion: The pace and rate at which the information comes. Especially when it comes. Like streaming a genius marketing plan in the shower. Or the perfect explanation of an aspect of your work while you're halfway asleep with no pen and paper and then it’s gone. This is why - the mastering inner rhythm and how you create is so important. The soul doesn't play the human schedule game. You have to unravel what you think is correct and apply a ton of grace to how you can best steward yourself as a conduit for your bigger work. 

  • The Universe: The quandary of trying to create it all at once. The ability to see the first step and the last step and everything in between and thinking it all needs to be here right now. This is not the greatest strategy - I have found that things I thought I was creating two years ago and forgot about always swing back around to come to fruition. When you say yes to birthing your own Universe of creation, you have to keep moving or the energy and magic will leave you. It might take on different shapes over time but once you start the momentum, you’re in it. Learning how to plant seeds, be committed, and let go is extremely important. 

  • The Language: How you explain yourself is your lexicon of unique terminology. You should not be irritated or frustrated by the fact that everyone is using the same spiritual buzzwords. No one is taking anything from you. In fact if you feel that others are copying you, using terminology or concepts that are unique to your individual depth and wisdom…you haven’t applied depth and wisdom to your words. The truth is you don’t know what you are talking about until you have lived it. When you take the time to define what the words you use to describe soul concepts mean in action in your life you give substance to that language and it can be FELT on a vibrational level. 

  • The Structure: The logistics of doing business as part of your Soul Mission. There are two pillars of profound spiritual expansion available to us. Business & Love (Partnership). If you aren’t willing to invest in foundations that support you in either of those pillars you won’t see the results you want. I am talking about practical business structures. A brand that expresses your frequency. A website. Marketing. Funnels. The energy in your home. How clean your home is. The clothes you wear. How you feel when you sit down to eat breakfast. Your intentions. How you treat your partner. How you treat yourself. Have you set yourself up to create with ease because what you have created already feels easy and abundant? If not. You have to do the work. People like to blame strategy for being cookie cutter and not producing the financial or experiential results that they want but systems are just systems. You can build whatever you want, if you don’t know how YOU operate and what matters most to you you won’t be able to build a system that compliments your flow. The system in and of itself is not the problem. 


What we really want is to learn how to build structures of freedom and expansion and live inside of them. I have a funny image that comes to mind when I think about the Human Matrix and The Soul Matrix. It goes like this: we were born from a human womb and came to Earth to create, play, have fun, and connect. But after a while we realize that the fun is not really happening and we’ve outgrown the lessons that collective programming has to offer us. Our soul knows it is time for a new phase of personal evolution and we awaken. After our spirit comes fully alive and a new level of consciousness is activated in us, we become “born again”. So the job after that is to construct a new womb (a Soul Matrix). It holds us, supports us, feeds us, and becomes the hub of miracles and creation in our lives. 


If this musing resonates with you, you are ready to learn how to build matrixes and operate from the shapes of your Soul. Join me in Soul Schematics Certification



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