Awaken + Evolve

Our courses teach you to recognize the Universe within. Tap into your higher intelligence and start speaking its language. Mastery level? Act from your soul's desires. You already own the OS, we're here with the upgrades.

Deep Data

We are creating with our energy and awareness everyday. The Topic and study of this DEEP DATA Masterclass is how do we do this with mastery. Often we have so many balls in the air we forget which ones to catch and which ones to let go of. I am going to show you how to commit your energy to the process and how to weave threads of creation in the quantum realm. I am also going to explain how this work deepens your intuition and what you can do to cultivate a powerful relationship to THREADING. 


Free The Human

Are you ready for a Pattern Interrupt? Join me for my FREE 5 Day #freethehuman Challenge where I share with you 5 simple & powerful truths that challenge the collective default construct. It’s time for us to break free from the Victim Program - why waste your time trying to “red pill” society when you could focus on the daily illusion you swallow? The alternative is MUCH more delicious. Sign up for immediate access - totally free, Free The Human Challenge


Pure Money Recode

Are you ready to revolutionize your internal money frameworks? The Pure Money Recode will show you how. Get powerful tools, rituals and downloads for a PATTERN INTERRUPT of your Wealth Consciousness. Clear Money Trauma and Cleanse your System. Sign up for immediate access - totally free.>>>


The Life Field Activation

Learn how to Master the perspective of the Soul Human Partnership. You came here to learn from yourself and evolve as a Full Spectrum System. The Life Field is a powerful womb of creation in your life when you understand how to receive its lessons and repeatedly orient back to your own power. Singularity isn't selfish, the universe is having a conversation with itself about who it is through you. Time to take responsibility for that conversation. 


Dark Wonderland

A mystifying collection of Visual & Audio Meditations with Binaural Beats. This collection also includes the Metallurgy Series "manifesting with metal frequencies" as well as the Divine Union Frequency Activations: Dark Mother, Light King, and Magical Child. Enjoy an inspirational language that speaks to your soul and inspires creativity, insight, and genius.  


Power & Protection

The Victim Program is a hardwired default program we are born into that affects our ability to access power and choice. It is so deeply ingrained in collective consciousness and human perspective that it’s very difficult to process outside of this program. In Power & Protection, we introduce concepts and tools that we can use to self provide and  release ourselves from the default program of powerlessness. Your Yes and your No is the most powerful position you can take - time to un-enroll.


Pole Position

The five-week Pole Position program gets you ready to race into your future. We're going to upgrade your inner structure, so that you can learn how to Own Your Power. Each week we focus on a different concept that teaches us how to create a Future Activated state. We will explore an awareness of self-respect and what you can do to honor your inner rhythm, and get you into profound states of self love and trust. By the end of this program, you'll reach the Position of Love and Expression. Get ready for the speed of magic!



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