We help clients just like you identify their growth edge and move beyond it. The beyond is s sensation. A realm of potential calling to you from parts of yourself that already know what you've got. Your desire to build financial freedom, business, and a consciousness system that supports continual evolution is a non-negotiable for you. Some people came here to be good, while others came here for greatness. Which one did you come for?


A Paradigm is a sequence or pattern that defines a lived idea. A paradigm is a way of looking at things.
We teach you how to create a paradigm that operates beyond what you are up against and breakthrough to your next level of growth.


"We help clients just like you identify their growth edge and move beyond it." 

Beyond Manifestation 

You are manifesting the life you are living in every moment. The secret most people don't know how to teach is moving beyond the combo of forced belief and aligned action to embodied manifestation as a way of living.

We show you how to lead with intention and accelerate what shows up so that you can receive the synchronicities that you created. Manifestation is about reception and alignment. It starts in the body and completes its orbit in your system when you learn to speak the language of your life field.

Beyond "Good Vibes"

High Vibrational Consciousness is Celestial in composition. The secret most people don't know how to teach is how to become the vibrational shift we all know is possible. Isn't it funny how "Good vibes only" is often used as an energetic "boundary" when in fact, high vibrational consciousness is about YOU changing the vibration of everything you come in contact with.

You can transform reality with your frequency and awareness. This has nothing to do with "gas lighting" yourself out of the human experience. 

Beyond Brands

Static brands are dead brands. The secret most people don't know how to teach is how to connect with the Entity of your brand. A Soul Brand is a living brand we choose to step into. Because the Soul is our partner in limitless creation, your brand is a conversation that should be big enough for you to continually evolve with.

Living brands have an essence, a frequency and a vibration. They have their own style, voice, and field of wisdom. Building foundations for your personal brand and business as a committed growth practice is the journey. 

Beyond Embodiment

Embodiment is how you live what you learn. The secret most people don't know how to teach is the embodiment of spiritual concepts into pragmatic actionable sequences of living wisdom. Nothing is truly integrated in us until it is embodied.

Embodiment is about walking your talk. For example, if you are here to serve transformation, how do you live as that? Do we just say these words or are we defining them in our system? Do we know how it functions, how it moves, what it feels like? Are we being and becoming it? 

Beyond Mindset

Your mind is set on fear. The secret most people don't know how to teach is that your ego is actually doing its job. When you learn how to move beyond mindset into correcting the quality of data that your system is processing, you can stop demonizing your ego and get out of its way.

You can't brainwash yourself out of perceiving the massive amount of distortion in the collective. But you can see "reality" for what it is and accept that you came here with a perfectly designed operating system that is waiting for you to upgrade to your own state of higher intelligence. 

Beyond The Matrix

If you think you are here to re-grid the matrix, you have already lost site of the game.The secret that most people don't know how to teach is how to build a singular matrix. Contrast creates pressure and pressure is how we grow.  Hierarchies dissolve when you take responsibility for your own piece of the pie.

In practical terms, this means that when you understand how the external matrix operates, you also understand how to build your own. Instead of putting your attention on correcting default programs you have no dominion over, focus on the strength of your own reality. 

Beyond Coaching

Co-dependency and disembodied teachings are a common quality of the coaching industry.The secret most people don't know how to teach is how to lead clients back to themselves without interfering, directing, healing, fixing, or solving problems in order to prove results. There is a difference between teaching someone a strategy and guiding someone how to learn from themselves.

Often times those in leadership roles are doing the best they can, but we know that with the right kind of mentorship, together we can do better. Your energy will pay a price if you are skipping over soul lessons and not creating space for your clients to earn the transformation they seek. 

Beyond Luxury

For us Luxury is a world of sensation you step into. A dimension of potential that is beyond imagination. The secret most people don't know how to teach is that luxury lives outside of expensive lifestyle brands and high price tags. Luxury lives in the free and open spaces in your mind, body, and soul. Desire beyond need. Something the eyes can't see but the heart knows the second it recognizes it.

We call this STAR POWER, the freedom to be uninhibited in your performance, shine in all your glory, and follow your dreams. To magnetize from a frequency beyond the ordinary. Living an authentic life sourced from your own power and expression is a luxury, but we don't think it should be. 


Group Programs

We offer a variety of group programs, live journeys, and masterclasses at different price points. Inside The SINATIA Universe we teach on topics that encompass a holistic view of empowered creation. This means energetics, sequences, concepts, and structures that help you journey beyond where you are now and step into where you are going. For us, this practice is lifestyle of embodying our cosmic potential. The best place to start is to connect with what you are ready to move beyond and set up a time to chat with us. 


1:1 Mentorship

Our 1:1 Mentorships are unconventional and intentionally created to LIFT you. We are passionate about guiding our clients to cultivate an in depth understanding of their own agency and "strategy."  So often our clients come to us with a sensation that they are right on the edge of something big, there is a Soul Calling scratching just under the surface asking to be seen. An Identity beyond, waiting to come out. What we know from experience having helped hundreds of clients, is that this nudge will set you free the moment you say yes to it. 


Free Community

The 13 is a not-so-secret-society playing 13 The Path of The Enigma. Soul players embark on a transformative journey through the 13 Steps of Soul Transformation. Each step represents a unique quest that challenges players to explore their senses, creativity, power, and personal growth. 13 is an experiential consciousness journey tailored to individual experience and personal growth. Connect, win gifts, and get access to a monthly gathering. We are a community focused on Soul growth, growing our community.


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