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Enhance your Daily Practice with DIVINEOS The Divine Operating System Upgrade


Not another Manifestation Program... 

Alignment + Embodied Manifestation. Learn to master intention, activate your synchronistic field, and accelerate creation with manifestation technology. 


What you get:

  • 8 NEW Modules + Virtual VIP Day June 10th

  • 16 Concept Modules: Learn everything you want to know about alignment, the synchronistic field, alchemy, embodied manifestation, high level intuition, daily practices, and more..

  • Course Work: Contemplation exercises for each concept module

  • 3 Manifestation Technologies: Emotional Anchor Technology, Manifestation Technology, Focus Technology.

  • You will walk aways with a comprehensive and complete life practice for Manifestation: This daily work will answer all the questions you have about how to create your desired reality + guide you in the process of creating it.
  • Evolved Manifestation Teachings: Take what you already know and step into the sync. Let life start clicking.

  • Learn to Embody Alignment: through your living practice.

  • Lifetime Access to digital course content.