LIBERATION - DeepData Masterclass 
 April 30th 2023

Release and Refine. 


We all know that sometimes emptying our cup is the most important thing we can do when we feel bogged down with beliefs, mental chatter, or energy in our body that feels like hot, spiritual garbage. 


There are times in our lives when we are ripe and ready for a good old fashioned cleansing of epic proportions. There are ways we can do this with grace, clarity, and purpose so that we come out of intentional release with access to healthy, vibrant, and renewed essence. 


From a soul perspective spiritual beliefs, modalities, and rituals accumulate. Our practices, however helpful at times, stack on top of one another and can become heavy on our essence. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and consider why we do what we do. 


Are we clinging to aspects of our personality? Are we engaged in daily rituals that don’t match our souls' frequency? Why did we choose the spiritual practices that we did and what do they serve in us? 


As with anything we consume in our lives, resetting equilibrium so that we can meet ourselves at the level we are at NOW is important. Our needs change, our spiritual bodies evolve, our desires morph and so does our access to internal states of power. 


I don’t know about you, but lately I feel a massive growth edge emerging in the collective soul consciousness. To me this is always a calling to focus in, release layers of knowing and make space for the truth of my spirit to shine. I know I am in the right space to upgrade my spiritual software when I sense a lack of personal resonance with mainstream spiritual concepts and my daily habits aren’t cutting it anymore. 


I always see this as an opportunity to reach another level of access to my own truth but even more important than that, I see it as a calling for more responsibility and intention.


The mind of a soul led human is always in contemplation and engagement with its own depth. We circle concepts, explore agency, and attempt to decipher answers to the questions we ask ourselves on a Soul Level. 


The Human can only define within the limited constraints of our current awareness. There is nothing wrong with this. Living from the wisdom of your Soul is a lifelong journey. If you had asked me 3 years ago what the purpose of my work was, I would have told you something totally different than I understand now. The ideology hasn’t changed but my understanding of it has. I get why I chose to learn what I have learned about magic but I also know what specific aspects of those learnings serve me now. What I should hold onto and what would serve me to let go of. 


What emerges in the place of release is refinement. 


Join me for a DEEP DATA event where we will explore a reset of your spiritual software and LIBERATE the next level of your essence.


In Love, Intention, and Alchemy,

SINATIA by Tia Marie.


Join me for a 90 Minute DEEP DATA Masterclass April 30th at 2pm PST where I lead you through a powerful practice for detoxing your spiritual body and recommitting to the health your own Essence.

This perspective is one we should periodically observe no matter what beliefs, rituals, or spiritual software you use to navigate your life.

My intention for this Masterclass is that you will gain access to clean energy, awareness, and cultivate a spiritual practice that serves the Identity and Desire of your Soul.

Upgrade your daily routine. Define and anchor your spiritual practices. Refine your relationship to Becoming Magic.


$44 +

One Time Payment

LIBERATION 90 Minute Masterclass

  • 90 Minute Masterclasses
  • The Soul Cleanse Ritual
  • Soul Wisdom
  • Define Daily Rituals
  • Private Facebook Group + Lifetime access to replay
  • Live feedback + support

"It is good for the soul to know that it is heard.

It is good for the soul to know that you are willing to be led by it. 

It is good for the soul to replace human perception with openness.

It is good for the soul to have daily routines and habits that enhance your relationship with your magic.

It is good for the soul to replace what you release.

It is good for the soul to invest in high vibrational relationships. 

It is good for the soul to play. 

It is good for the soul to explore its mission and purpose here on Earth. 

It is good for the soul to stand upon divine principles.

It is good for the soul to detox from spiritual and religious templates and listen to your own depth.

It is good for the soul to focus forward.

It is good for the soul to be grateful.

It is good for the soul to be devoted to your own truth."