SINATIA is The Home of Depth Paradigm Spiritual Study. Discovering the depth of your soul potential is how we break free from old realities and create new paradigms inside of ourselves. Surface level defintion in the age of information creates conscious illusion. We are being flooded with data - your soul is here to help you decipher it. Learn with us, consume our content, use our free tools, join our programs and define. 

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Serve The Energy.

First and foremost, we serve the energy that wants to come through us. To embody the limitless nature of the Soul and its capacity to create here on Earth. We serve what is and what is next. Power, Freedom, and Love. 

Our Passion

Experiential Consciousness. 

We are committed to Multidimensional Spiritual Teaching and Expansion. Our programs offer a variety of transmissions, upgrades, self support mechanisms, tools, audio, visual, and energetic rituals so that you can integrate at your Soul's Capacity.  

Our Courses

Reality Creation.

We are living in very exciting times. An age of innovation inside a paradigm with the potential to thrive. Spiritual concepts and magical thinking have no applied use if we are not embodied and integrated. We teach what we wish that we knew.

Our Quest


QUEST MMXXIII is a year long commitment to journeying into the depth of your magic using the highest vibration frequencies that you're capable of holding in your field. I created this container to assist those who are ready and willing to step up and own their power consciousness. Set Big Intentions, Master Integration, Embody Magic, and Learn to Create your Ultimate Reality with SINATIA for a Year. 


Power Consciousness. 

Consciousness is always evolving. As humans we grow in step with our external environment. Either by force or by choice. Those with the mind to look towards the future are lead by infinite potential. What you are capable of can only touched when you free yourself of limited programs. Inside your mind, body, and soul is a technology ready to be unlocked. A software of higher intelligence that thrives on ease and agency.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is to guide you into a rich life, full of magic. We want to watch you THRIVE. We are here to teach you embodied magic and evolution. We want to see you becoming the future vision of yourself experiencing miracles in every moment. We want to see you do this with freedom.

We are heart lead, intentional, and integrated. Our work is practical and deep. We believe that our most powerful gifts as humans are our conscious awareness and choice. We know that if we do this together, we can do more than we dreamed possible.  

Our Process.

Our teachings focus on releasing the layers of human programming, operating from higher intelligence, and becoming magic. We are in service to evolution and thriving. We focus on intentional living, divine foundations, and energetic expansion. For us manifestation means mastering reality creation. The state of being that empowers us most is when we are in full alignment with comprehension and embodiment for the purpose of mind and heart cohesion. 

In simple terms, what does this mean? It means that when we free ourselves from human from limitation, we gain access to a version of us that is created in truth. When we upgrade our Operating system, we integrate the mind and activate a consciousness that engages our higher intelligence. When we embody magic, we utilize our power, innovation, and creativity. These three powerful steps become our living system and a potent source of transformation in our lives. We learn to lead from our soul and master the human experience through emotional intelligence, self leadership, and exploration of our depth. 


You are a highly advanced Operating System. Your thought systems, energy systems, and living systems create the programs that either thrive or survive. 
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What would life look like if we stopped looping, struggling, and suffering?

What would it feel like to simply decide you have completed a life cycle and choose a new direction?

How much freedom would you experience if you could reprogram even the stickiest life patterns quickly?



Divergent. Human. Evolution. 

Listen to my podcast and join me on my mission to have an entirely new conversation about Neurodivergence, Spirituality and Self Led Success. Are you ready to own your super powers and turn it all the way up? We are DIVERGING with eyes wide open. Let’s chat.

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