Neurodimensional Magic

The new laws of manifestation for neurodivergents.


The frequency of Manifestation as we know it has shifted. 

Old structures of surface level spiritual concepts and self help strategies have served their purpose in priming collective reality to understand that we do in fact, have the ability to create the lives of our dreams.

We already know this is true, so why do we struggle? What is the problem?

The problem is….

  • Outdated self help paradigms only serve the mental landscape and do not speak to the higher intelligence of the Full Spectrum System. 
  • Old paradigm Spiritual Constructs dim the soul. 
  • New Age Esoteric Spiritual teachings provide very little access to depth even though the concepts themselves are not the problem. 
  • Oversimplified comprehension of Manifestation and the role it plays as part of our unique wiring versus a one size fits all system.  

In my experience as someone who has studied this field for a decade, none of the guidance I have encountered addresses the Full Spectrum System and offers a big enough or deep enough view into what is available when you know how to BE this and become it. 

Healing, affirmations, goal setting, and visualization as the search makes no sense when we can choose to thrive and allow our energy to match us. I am talking about something totally new and different. 

So what is The Full Spectrum System? The Full Spectrum System is Multidimensional Awareness of the dimensions that are in operation inside your being. 

I am talking about energy, desire, magnetism, frequency, divine principles, chaos, your body, your limitation….all the motion that is active in you and expands like a prism to create grids of reality around you. 

Lack of awareness when it comes to co-creating with a Full Spectrum System means that we are often experiencing hit-or-miss outcomes with our manifestations. You know that this is you if you are consistently left with a feeling that there is something more to be discovered in you as you focus on creating the life and business of your dreams. 

The solution is a commitment to living life from this perspective and learning how it all works. 

The term “Manifestation” has left many of us feeling exhausted and burnt out as spiritual buzzwords churn through the collective and satiate nothing in our soul. Make it right instead of wrong. 

It IS exhausting, we ARE burnt out. 

Not because Manifesting itself is useless but because without addressing Depth Manifestation Structures and internal discovery, these concepts are experienced exactly as they are: empty and draining.   

You might be someone who has already studied Manifestation but are now looking for what is real. 

Accepting Manifestation as an active word entity in your Life Field means that you take responsibility for the shift into your power to intentionally create instead of managing what has been created for you. Self awareness on this topic comes to us in snippets of information that don’t mature into wisdom - it is very rare to find guidance that provides a comprehensive view, and that is where I come in. 

If you are a Neurodimensional or Neurodiverse human, or if you are in relationship to a person in your life who identifies as this, what I am about to share with you is the most important work you can ever invest in. 

Neurodimensional minds do not create like Neurotypical minds. 

Understanding this changed everything for me. We have access to profound states of awareness and are sensitive to the structures underneath what is presented. We are rebellious when it comes to following the rules for a good reason….

We are here to make the rules. Not follow them. 

What I cover in this 3 Week program will take you from frustration to fulfillment. 

  • You will be at peace with the new laws of manifestation that you create in your embodied reality. This looks and feels like being clear on what to do and how in every moment of your day to feel confident and in action. 
  • You will understand how your brain is wired to create differently and why.
  • You will no longer have unanswered questions about how manifestation works and how to use it in your life to create the life of your dreams. 
  • You will have the tools you need and the awareness to oscillate between dynamic experiences and choose what serves you best. 
  • You will feel honored and excited to take responsibility without the heaviness of failure and comparison. 
  • You will be the living definition of an empowered and diverse creator. 


Nuerodimensional Magic: The New Laws of Manifestation for Neurodivergents is a 3 Week program that will show you how to know “WHO is the YOU that Manifests?” 

A sampling of what I will cover: 

  • 12 Depth Dimensions of Manifestation
  • Neurodimensional Energy & Rhythm 
  • Daily Routines
  • Nervous System & Rest
  • Creating with Symbols 
  • And More…

*This program will be hosted live inside of a Private Facebook Group.* 

" From thought to reality…is the mastery we are all searching for. Because deep down we know this is possible and it is our purest truth." Tia Marie



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