Journey into the Depths of Divine Power, Master Integration, Embody Magic, and Learn to Create Reality with SINATIA for a Year.


"The longing in your bones, blood, and flesh to Become Magic is the Soul's Homing Beacon. 

This calling is how you know that Limitless Freedom, Power, and Love is your Home.

It is your divine mission to find it."


The Rules of reality change when you do. 

I created this container to assist those who are ready and willing to step up and own their power consciousness. QUEST MMXXIII is a year long mystic voyage into the depths of self-mastery using the highest vibration frequencies that you're capable of holding in your field. Realizing the you that's capable of anything means changing the rules as life unfolds and finding your center as you shed all unnecessary layers of identity that once troubled you.

The world has changed, it is time to play a new game. 


Alchemy For The Next Level

QUEST MMXXIII is a year long experiential consciousness journey for self led reality creators who are dedicated to embodying magic through intentional living. This is the beginning of a lifestyle evolution with in-depth courses and community support specifically designed to empower you on your path to embodied evolution. 

There have been mystic quests throughout time from Egypt and ancient Greece through to the Renaissance, but what does a modern day mystic quest look like in your life?

Let's be clear about one thing—there are no rules to the spiritual journey. You are free to explore and evolve in any way you want. The question is, do you understand the rules of the game and do you respect them.

This is why we are offering QUEST MMXXIII —to ignite alignment with the next level of your spiritual gifts, power consciousness, and reach new state of being - beyond form.

Divine Structure

You are never alone and you are fully supported by the divine. Learn the foundations of Divine Structure and how to access universal support.

Self Support Foundations

Self support is the antidote to powerlessness. What this means is that there is no energetic, physical, or mental hierarchy that you cannot balance or learn from.

LIVE Masterclasses

12 LIVE Masterclasses and 12 LIVE Roundtable Session in 2023, discover how to embody your evolution and magic.

Power Consciousness 

Your power lies in your choice and your awareness. Intentional living and strong foundations of magic activate your life on a path of mastery. This is your mystic quest.


Live Feedback + Support on a path of continued expansion is one of the most important thing we can invest in. The right kind of reflection allows you to see yourself and affects every area of your life.


When we surround ourselves with people who inspire us, motivate us, and celebrate us, we have a community that helps us thrive. Who we create in proximity to matters, join a community that inspires wisdom and power.

Alchemy For The Next Level. 


Magic is natural. It's an arcane science and a spiritual art to be slowly developed over the course of a lifetime.

Collective magic has become predictable and stale. There have been times in my journey where I would find myself returning to rituals and tools only to realize they have been fully integrated and my system is in search of something new. Can you relate?

This is what I mean by Embodied Magic. I notice as my consciousness expands, my ability to hold energy and perspective expands as well. At some point in my study I became aware of a soul desire to create from my higher realms. And I began a quest because I understand that evolution is the law of life.

When you are on the path of becoming an alchemist there are no teachers except yourself. Using your soul capacity is how you access your higher realms where consciousness exploration begins and the rules of reality change when you do.

What if I told you that when you create from the Higher Realms, the laws of transformation are different? What if I told you that you are able to create a reality where everything is possible?



I used to think that creating was just a matter of intention and focus. I thought that if you wanted something badly enough and put enough energy into it, you could will yourself into a state where creating became effortless and the universe naturally aligned with your intentions. BUT here is the secret. There are missing pieces to the puzzle. Together we are going to discover the . Are you ready to go on your own MYSTIC QUEST?


If you are a leader, seeker, or voyager, then this is the journey for YOU. Join me in QUEST MMXXIII



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



3 monthly payments

  • Membership to the QUEST MMXXIII Community
  • 12 MasterClasses
  • 12 LIVE Round Tables
  • Live feedback + support



Best deal!

  • Membership to the QUEST MMXXIII Community
  • Membership to The Future Human Academy for one year [ valued at $997 ]
  • 12 Masterclasses
  • 12 LIVE Round Tables
  • Live feedback + support
  • 5 - 45 Min Accelerator Coaching Sessions [ valued at $5000 ] 
  • $2997 in discounts for VIP Membership!!!




  • Membership to the QUEST MMXXIII Community
  • 12 LIVE Masterclasses
  • 12 LIVE Round Tables
  • Live feedback + support

Want all the deets? Check out these FAQ's and JOIN ME. 

It is time for you to embark upon a Mystic Quest to find your inner treasure! Power, Creation, and Embodied Magic from your Higher Realms.