Under no circumstances shall we be obligated to provide any refund in any capacity. Should explanation of this clause be required by the client, we reserve the right to provide a questionnaire, if we feel it is appropriate, the purpose of which is for the client to provide detail towards the nature of the request for the purposes of data collection and future dispute resolution. This questionnaire must be completed prior to a call being requested, of a duration of no more thanĀ 15 minutes, to detail this condition more completely. The course provider takes no responsibility, in any shape, form or fashion, for student performance. The instruction is provided within the capacity of a ā€œfacilitation of learningā€ and will not serve as a ā€œteacherā€ with any responsibility for the outcomes of the course beyond the material being presented and performance being graded objectively.

Last Updated:Ā March 26, 2024