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We've guided countless visionary souls through transformative mentorship tailored for the unique needs of Soul-Led Entrepreneurs. Embrace the Path of Soul Potential with our courses that distill years of soul growth and self-discovery into profound insights and breakthrough methodologies. 

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UPGRADES: If you want to create big magic in the world, you have to upgrade how you operate. You need to improve your thinking, daily habits, and how you embody change. We offer powerful innovative practices for shadow/mindset work, and manifestation that will change your life. 

WEALTH: Expanding your energy to receive more love, connection and cash in your life sets you up to exist beyond survival. When you are supported and living a life full of wealth, you have more to give others. Our money courses are embodied, livable, and create lasting change. 

BUSINESS: Soul Led Business requires a specific kind of mentorship. Creating from your Soul's Magic means that you are in a consistent practice of releasing limitation and building human skill to execute on your dreams. We support epic, legendary Souls on big purpose driven missions. 

SOUL MAGIC: The Soul speaks to you in whispers. It puts you in situations where you are forced to grow and transform. It taps on your should guiding you home to your purpose. We have a variety of programs that awaken you in the exploration of your essence and power. 

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Client's Magical Transformations

" Tia Marie was EXACTLY what I needed and was manifesting. Her work is cutting edge and deeper than most of what the spiritual community currently has to offer. The growth I have had since working with her has been so astonishing that I am truly shook when I look at where and who I was a year ago, and absolutely mindblown at the growth and radical transformation I've experienced."


" What I learned most deeply in the 13 is that the best coaches open the door, they see you through a pure container of your own creations and splendor in the glory of your newly owned freedom to be who you truly are. They love in a way that speaks freedom and affirms truth within all truths - they hold the beacon of our most pure connection in faith, love, trust, and choice."


" Tia's work is magnetic and activating. It truly is powered by her commitment to self-evolution and her personal vulnerability, which was very attractive to me. My life has been deeply impacted in glorious ways and challenging ways; which lead to me growing and aligning with my DIVINE power, in my true home, from me to me. I am committed to this work now. Thank you from the depths of my heart!"


Accelerate¬†Shadow Work and Upgrade your Operating System. Experience the¬†life changing¬†tool that is DIVINEOS‚ĄĘ.¬†

The DIVINEOS Divine Operating System Upgrade is a revolutionary daily system that releases blocked, trapped, and inaccurate data from your system. Emotions, thoughts, and looping patterns that create problems in your reality. 

Overcoming fear, transcending a victim mentality, unlocking your latent potential, and deepening our connection with both ourselves and others is what you can expect when you use DIVINEOS Daily. We recognize that these impediments operate akin to a virus within the human operating system. In contrast, our soul system beckons us towards growth, encouraging us to harness our innate genius and divine gifts as creators.

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More Client's Magical Stories

"I feel like I've tapped into something beyond human, experiencing what might be called a 'seventh sense.' Now, I can sense people's energy and see the future of their ideas and conversations. It's amazing to have such a broad view and still stay calm and not get lost in it. It's incredible." 


" The work inside SINATIA has indeed activated a LEGACY of pure wisdom and potential in me, and this is only the beginning. Now that I am here in 'Soul Magic Activation mode', I’m becoming a messenger to spread what my heart KNOWS. As its wisdom streams forth, it will speak into existence the creation of next level heart wisdom that counters illusion." 


" It’s amazing how things are all clicking into place. Suddenly my niche and messaging were so clear to me, people and opportunities have been flowing in and I feel like I want to dive in and do all the things with it. Right. Now! This is powerful energy and I’m humbled by it. Inspired by it and totally lit up."



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