Are you ready to move beyond whatever you are right on on the edge of? 

When we seek out growth it is because we outgrowing the state we are currently in. This drive is a natural part of our evolution.

When you have a desire to breakthrough, it  means that your potential is calling. Can you hear it?

The SINATIA Universe is a growth accelerator that teaches you how to move beyond. 






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Learn to Master Manifestation. How you create what you create in your life is the end and the beginning of your spiritual journey. The Soul came here to learn how to create. Karma, timelines, struggles, healing etc. are all part of the template of creation that lives in you. So instead of moving through blocks one by one, look at the creation of your life as a whole and learn how to interact with it.

Inside of COMPASS Membership you learn how to level up your intuition, alignment, manifestation and business. Soul Mission work is a massive field of expansion in your life. When you become the navigator of that by understanding your compass, you become an unstoppable force of creation. 



SINATIA is pioneering a new way to expand our conscious evolution.

Want to play a consciousness game to expand your awareness and unlock an entire years worth of magic? 

The 13 is the first of it's kind Soul Playing Game - together we form a not-so-secret-society playing 13 The Path of The Enigma. 

Soul players embark on a transformative journey through the 13 Steps of Soul Transformation. Each step represents a unique quest that challenges players to explore their senses, creativity, power, and personal growth.

The13 is an experiential consciousness journey tailored to individual experience and personal growth. During this journey you will learn about your Soul's potential and develop an internal language of spiritual strength and freedom.

We are a community focused on Soul growth, growing our community.



Lean in and Breakthrough..

Our teachings focus on releasing the layers of human programming, operating from higher intelligence, and becoming magic. We are in service to evolution and thriving. We focus on intentional living, divine foundations, and energetic expansion. For us manifestation means mastering reality creation. The state of being that empowers us most is when we are in full alignment with comprehension and embodiment for the purpose of mind and heart cohesion. 

In simple terms, what does this mean? It means that when we free ourselves from human from limitation, we gain access to a version of us that is created in truth. When we upgrade our Operating system, we integrate the mind and activate a consciousness that engages our higher intelligence. When we embody magic, we utilize our power, innovation, and creativity. These three powerful steps become our living system and a potent source of transformation in our lives. We learn to lead from our soul and master the human experience through emotional intelligence, self leadership, and exploration of our depth. 

HI - I'M TIA MARIE.. I help clients identify the sensation of potential connected to their soul calling and make it real. I help clients become embodied as living brands. I help clients upgrade their consciousness systems to live free of fear. I am on a mission to live as magic and I want to help you do the same. If you are passionate about creating a life and business that provides you with wealth, freedom, soul alignment AND you want to learn with me, I want to connect with you. 

SINATIA is a growth accelerator. Our work helps you click into a sense of inner power and awareness that operates as a foundation for everything you desire to create in your life. Underneath this intention, we study how to connect to sensation, define edges, breakthrough them, and master our sense of reality. We teach on reprograming the fear mind, manifestation, business & leadership, branding, and energetics.

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Reprogram the Fear Mind. 

DIVINEOS The Divine Operating System is a simple, powerful tool that teaches you how to reprogram the fear mind and move data through your system in the direction of your choice. Learn how to correct distortion in your system and meet your natural gifts as a creator. Together, let's take a step towards sovereign creation with the power of awareness and choice. 


Take Your Business to the next level with ENTITY. 

THE ENERGY YOU SERVE WANTS TO BE FOUND. You have a brand, a voice, a mission here that is aching for expression. And not just any expression, full expression. Living Brands evolve, change, and grow with us. When we are continuously stepping into the bigger versions of ourselves and our becomes easy to get lost in the transformation and forget how to SHINE. You can do it your way. It gets to work. It works when you decide to step in and step up. 

It works when you go ALL IN.

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