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Develop mastery over the Three Levels of Inner Wisdom. Learn to decipher between the nuanced landscape of Gut, Seeker, and Source communication.

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Unlock Your Inner Oracle: The Source Upgrade


Intuition serves as the cornerstone of our inner wisdom. It is the sanctuary we seek when we desire to tap into a deeper, more harmonious understanding of our authentic selves and the dreams we aim to realize in the world.


The offerings and programs within SINATIA are intentionally crafted to give you acess to an evolutionary edge.


This advantage is essential for swiftly navigating the intricate web of human experiences and harmonizing with the essence of your soul.


We are committed to this mission because we recognize the extraordinary potential you possess to conjure significant magic into existence. Furthermore, we acknowledge that hastening your connection to this magic is a critical lever for transformative change.


Our teachings on intuition are deliberately potent and innovative.


Did you know that your Intuition has three dimensions of communication that speak to you in specific voices with different purpose?


For example, during the intermediate phases of intuitive development, which we refer to as the Seeker stage, it is common to consult our intuition for guidance.


We probe for insights or feelings that illuminate our path forward, helping us in the decision-making processes for life's subsequent phases. These explorations may vary from straightforward choices, such as investment strategies in a business or identifying a life partner, to more intricate dilemmas like selecting a reliable mentor or pinpointing the precise actions needed to realize our dreams.


Here's an insight just for you... High-level or Source Intuition functions on a different plane.


In The Source Intuition upgrade, you learn to develop your Intuitive Mastery. Forge a heightened connection with an inner wellspring of knowledge that lays the groundwork for all you wish to achieve.


Step into an upgrade where intuition transcends mere contemplation preceding your next action; it becomes the very essence upon which you tread with confidence and authority.

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Client's Magical Transformations

"When working with Tia your life does change - you commit to the work because you want to."
"Her work cuts to the chase, alleviating years of searching and confusion."

What You Learn:  

  • Upgrade + Develop High Level¬†Intuition
  • Instantly Recognize what level of Intuition you are interacting with.¬†
  • Clearly + Purposefully shift between Gut, Seeker, and Source Intuition.
  • Release all confusion about what your Intuition is telling you.¬†
  • Become internally focused + self guided.



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What You Get:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Gut Intuition Module
  • Seeker Intuition Module
  • Source Intuition Module
  • The Source Workbook + Daily Journal
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