Awaken to a New Frequency of Magic with PRISM 

There exists a kind of magic, one that we can harness only when we engage with it from a place of luxury.

It emanates from a dimension within us, a facet that has no inherent need for magic yet remains receptive to expansion.

This dimension is poised, ready to project its brilliance into the world and forge connections with the luminescence in others.

Resonating at every frequency, it symbolizes the integration of the sacred and the other.


Every living entity in creation pulsates with an energy wave, a unique sonic signature.

Concentrate. I invite you to perceive it—the very resonance of creation.

Allow it to permeate your being, a conduit for the remembrance of the primal magic.

A source, a sensation, akin to what we already savor in the mind-expanding experiences of a reality we've sculpted from freedom.

Within this realm, what was once deemed impossible now unveils itself as attainable for those who choose to embrace it.

We celebrate this because it is our unique creation.


Because our spirit revels in play.

Because we stand at the precipice, ready to revel, ready to transcend.

This is magic in its most effervescent form—overflowing, abundant, exuberant, vibrant.

A magic that emanates from our heart's core, casting prismatic light, its reverberations altering the fabric of the universe.

Not a magic meant for casting spells or manipulating energy, but one that manifests as transformative field.


A luminous magic, embraced not in denial of the dark but as a choice in the face of it.

We don't engage in this practice out of necessity; we do so because we've reached a juncture in our lives where the only frontier left is the pursuit of even more profound, even more immense, even more unfathomable joy.


We embrace this magic because it resonates with our essence, it feels right.

Within us, it calls, resonating as pure euphoria.

A magic known as PRISM.

This magic may not resonate with everyone, but then again, you are not just anyone, are you?


PRISM introduces a bespoke luxury magic apprenticeship. A Seven Month practice of energetic devotion created from the prayers of your heart.


The Details... 


Embark on a transformative journey with PRISM Magic, a meticulously crafted study of light magic designed to elevate your spiritual practice and align your energies with the universe.

At its heart lies the SINATIA Prism Generator, a magnificent quartz crystal wrapped in copper, destined to become the centerpiece of your altar. It's not just a decorative element; it's a powerful activator for the magic you'll practice, helping you meditate, store intentions, and connect with the vibrations of pure creation and love.

Complementing this is your Bespoke Talisman. Custom made with a hand-chosen crystal, each talisman is imbued with intentions for heart expansion, integration, and energetic balance, making it a deeply personal and powerful aid in your spiritual journey.

The 7 Sigils, divine light amulets, are your versatile allies. Wear them or place them on your altar to align with the seven light codes, enhancing every aspect of your practice from divine support to manifestation and integration.

Immerse yourself in 7 Months of Magical Practice, a daily regimen of journaling, contemplation, sigil work, and energy balancing. This journey is designed to bring you joy, fun, and access to high-value emotions, alongside clean energy for creation and focus. Bi-weekly check-ins, sessions in the 'Book of Light', and integration sessions are included to unlock your magic and align your internal power.

Deepen your experience with Two 60-minute 1:1 PRISM Mentorship Calls each month. These sessions are tailored to accelerate your internal healing, helping you find correction and possibility, releasing what occupies your system, and integrating your learnings.

And, to document your journey, the PRISM Journal is your daily companion. It's not just a space for reflection but includes the 'Book of Light', guiding you to chronicle your path and deepen your understanding.

PRISM Magic isn't just an offering; it's an invitation to a new way of being, seeing, and creating. Are you ready to unlock your potential and explore the realms of magic and possibility?

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  • 7 Months of PRISM Magic: PRISM Magic is a comprehensive journey of daily practices, designed to unlock and enhance one's internal source of power and alignment. Participants will engage in a variety of activities including journaling, contemplation, sigil work, and integration exercises. These practices are geared towards balancing internal energies, fostering expansive states of experience, joy, fun, and high-value emotions. Additionally, participants will learn to access clean energy for creation and focus. The program includes bi-weekly check-ins, one session in the 'Book of Light', and one integration session, all aimed at unlocking personal magic and achieving a harmonious state of being.
  • The SINATIA Prism Generator: with its large quartz crystal enwrapped in copper, serves as a central piece for your altar space. This unique item acts as a generator for the magic practiced in PRISM. It's designed for meditative practices, storing intentions, heart prayers, connecting to a vibration of pure creation and love, and learning about emotional and color energy movement through the body.
  • The Bespoke Talisman, tailored for each individual client, features a hand-chosen crystal and is crafted with divine intention. This personalized artifact is designed to facilitate heart expansion, integration, and energetic balance, aligning perfectly with the ethos of PRISM Magic. Its customization makes it a unique and powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual practice.
  • The 7 Sigils are a set of divine light magic amulets, versatile in use, either to be worn on the body or placed on your altar during PRISM magic practices. Each sigil is intricately aligned with one of seven divine principles.
  • Prism Mentorship 1:1: two 60-minute 1:1 PRISM Mentorship calls each month are pivotal in fostering an accelerated state of internal healing, or what is referred to as "correction," shifting the focus from what's wrong or broken to what's right and possible. In the first monthly call, the session is dedicated to connecting with what resides in the client's heart, releasing any occupying energies in their system to allow for true embodiment. The second call focuses on integrating the insights and lessons from the first session.   
  • PRISM Journal: The PRISM Journal is a meticulously designed tool that serves as a daily companion for clients on their PRISM Magic journey. It offers ample space for journaling daily experiences, reflections, and insights gained during the practice. Additionally, it includes a special section dedicated to the 'Book of Light', integrating this essential aspect of the PRISM Magic experience into the daily routine of journaling. The journal not only aids in tracking progress but also in deepening the understanding and integration of the teachings and experiences encountered throughout the PRISM Magic program.
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