5 Innovative Ways to Market Your Living Brand

What is a living brand? A living brand is a brand that you step into as a catalyst for personal growth. As we define it, it is a brand that is made from the magic of your soul. Your mission work, your greater purpose….your dreams. A brand built on and crafted from your potential. 


We make this distinction because it is important to define. When we understand the definition of how a living brand operates, we know how to support it. 


As entrepreneurs, business always encourages us to grow, regardless of what we are selling. 


But something different happens when we choose to sell from the parts of us that are limitless and grounded in the expansion of our Identity.

We end up with a unique opportunity. 


An opportunity to shine. 


Living Brands are thought leaders. 

Living Brands are business leaders.

Living Brands do it their own way. 

Living Brands are embodied.


And Living Brands are always evolving in step with our relationship to fear and empowerment in order to speak from the truth of what we know and how we are willing to show up for potential. 

SINATIA is a Living Brand on a mission to live as magic and help others do the same. For us magic is very practically defined as creating from potential. Ultimately everything we do is in service to actualizing that potential. We work to set up foundations that support, technology that advances, and high vibrational awareness that expands in you. So that we can realize our dreams. So that you can realize yours. 


Stepping out into the world to speak about what you are here to share can be a scary and confusing process, so I want to give you some magical, intentional, actionable information you can use today to take your marketing to the next level. In this article I am going to share 5 Innovative Tips on how you can think about marketing differently and extract more wisdom and inspiration from your work. 


5 Innovative Ways to Market Your Living Brand



    One thing we remind our clients of is the difference between marketing to sell, tell a story, or let people who follow you understand what you are all about, and remaining VISIBLE. Posting to social media every day is basically the bare minimum when it comes to visibility. Think about how often you have enjoyed someone’s content only to be reminded of their existence when they pop up on your feed a month later like “OH YEAH” I remember her! 

    Being forgotten is not a direct insult. It doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t matter, it just means that there is so much data churning the system, people remember what they focus on and that is ok. Set an intention to go over your google drive full of writing and reuse old content, pull quotes, repurpose ideas, post behind the scenes shares….learn to understand the progression of your living brand and speak to it.

    Do this daily. Use a scheduler. Use Brand Assets that inspire you, create a visual language. After some time it gets really easy and fun.

    If it is difficult for you to be visible, that means that it is time for you to spend some time writing and reviewing. Ask yourself what feels natural for you to speak about and set an intention to show up even more authentically every day. 

  2. See your Living Brand as an ENTITY. 

    When you are creating from potential you are creating from limitlessness.

    This is the essence of the Soul.

    Choose to develop a relationship with the voice, frequency, vibe, and Identity of your Living Brand. I call this work ENTITY.

    A divine ENTITY of truth and magic. A being that has impact here, desire, a mission, a voice…a way of moving in the world in step with your transformative process. 

    If you can connect to the language of the container that you co-create with here, you can connect to the bigger in you that is beckoning you from The Beyond. All of a sudden the vision becomes clearer.

  3. Tune into SENSATION. 

    If your words were made of color, what color would they be? If your wisdom had shape and identity, what would it look like?

    If your teachings were symbols, how would you draw them? If your Living Brand had a style, how would it adorn itself?

    Explore the more of your brand and find ways to create imagery and connect it to your marketing.

    Show people the dimensions of you that are creating from in the world. 

  4. Witness yourself, FULLY. 

    How often do you review your lives, content, programs, and materials? It is important to spend time seeing your evolution and contemplating the steps you have taken to arrive where you are now, from where you came.

    When you do this ask yourself, what moves did you make? How can you break it down into actionable advice that your clients and followers can use to transform their lives?

    Remember to keep it simple. 

  5. CELEBRATE as often as you can. 

    A while back, I was listening to a podcast where the guest speaker was being interviewed on the key traits of powerful sales people. One thing he shared really struck me. He explained that people who are naturally skilled at sales, celebrate every step of the journey as a success. The objections, the no’s the yeses, the challenges….all of it.

    What I loved about this was idea that not only do top sales people celebrate everything as a success, they embody a sense of ease in a job that tends to stress so many people out. Sales are the lifeblood of a business - you can enrich this process and do it with ease. Gratitude is a powerful frequency for wealth creation.

    Ask yourself how much are you celebrating your business in the day to day. Are you having fun? If you are not having fun, why not?

    If you remember to consider your living brand as an entity, is the entity of your business having a good time existing as it? If not, the internal conversation of that living brand probably feels more like complaining than living its best life. This is something that can easily be shifted with “mind set” work for your brand.

    Your business "mind set" is ultimately the conversation that you are having with yourself about your work. This affects your vibe. It affects how you see yourself in your power to create and it also affects your magnetism. Shifting your marketing to include genuine celebration of everything you have accomplished is a fantastic energy that you can cultivate and is worth the investment.


    I hope you enjoyed these powerful Marketing tips for Living Brands and that this article shifted at least one perspective you have about what is possible for you in business and creation. Over the decades I have learned a lot about business being an entrepreneur since the age of 25, but the moment I said YES to my work as a Living Brand, I learned a lot about ME in business.

    And no matter what I create, I have a sense that the journey is just getting started. 

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