March Energy Forecast 2024

March 2024 Energy Forecast: The New Frequency Energy Shift


You might find yourself experiencing an acceleration in your personal, financial, and spiritual growth right now.


Collectively, we are upgrading on Earth through planetary, cosmic, and personal frequencies at a higher level of frequency and evolution.


If you are someone who has already stepped onto the spiritual path and possesses discernment, you will notice a split happening in the energetic templates at the moment—a frequency fork in the road.


Those who focus on transformation through low-frequency alchemy will experience a state of devolution, leading to more struggle and less potency in their spiritual journey.


If you have focused on spiritual growth through pure soul-centered frequencies, you will find your life opening up in ways that you never imagined—a profoundly abundant state of personal wealth.


As we move forward into the new year, the speed at which you will notice the difference between the two states mentioned above is going to increase.


Soul capacity is king in this timeline.


This means evolution free of dogma, free of drama, and free of spiritual fantasy—a move towards personalized, individual magic; clean and regenerative states of alchemy; and a releasing of what is old to make space for the new.


In the future, it will serve humanity well to have access to mentors who are set on the unique path of assisting individuals to expand from within their soul's blueprint.


All human-based growth strategies—focusing on shadow, low-vibrational emotion, justice, rightness, polarity coaching, identity strategies, one-dimensional truth—all that is not aligned with divine truth will begin to reveal itself and expose the cracks underneath the glamor.


Glamour is like a veil, a spiritual facade, an illusionary spell that creates a beautiful image. But when you look at what lives underneath, you find a wretched paradigm, crafted from distorted ego, fed by need, never fulfilling its promise.


You will also experience a calling for more authenticity, more ways of doing it your way, and a true and real pull towards activating yourself as the creator of your universe.


Within that context, the responsibility taken by the blessed and aware individuals will open up the collective awareness to experience more of the unity consciousness that many spiritual leaders speak of.


Terms like New Earth, Ascension, New Frequency, Multidimensional, are all speaking to one empowering state of conscious creation. The promise of entering heaven's gates is a tale that has captivated humanity for millennia. What lives underneath this promise is the rich, deep, and limitless divine beauty that already exists inside of you.


Learning how to master your life and identity through the embodied act of creating from your soul potential makes healing and evolving through spiritual trials and tribulations irrelevant in this timeline.


The Highs and Lows of old paradigm soul searching in an attempt to raise our human vibration is simply a symptom of the evolution of our human DNA and our soul DNA. We have the opportunity to graduate into divine integration, the merging of the paradox to create from our own unique blueprint.


On a practical level, if you want to take advantage of this frequency, trade mindset for operating system upgrades. Access complete and comprehensive spiritual technologies to activate your individual higher intelligence. Study Soul Magic rather than following a stringent practice of ritual and gatekeeping. Look at every area of your life that your energetic practice no longer has the same potency and evaluate your tools. Take action. Upgrade the fields that you learn inside of.


These are very exciting times.


Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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