January Energy Forecast 2024

January 2024 Energy Forecast

Tap in. Tune In. Tune Up.

The energy of this year is about fully stepping into your magic.

On a personal level, this is a joyous and crucial step towards realizing your full potential as a unique and innovative source of magic.

Many decades of spiritual exploration has led to a natural progression of moving beyond simplified translation of soul growth into embodied, integration evolution

Much like the stages of infancy, adolescence and adulthood, we have reached a collective tipping point where outdated spiritual and religious systems are ready to be released so that we can reveal the magic that lives underneath

The foundations of this magic are free from human drama, free of victimhood, free of powerlessness and free of distorted application.

There are technologies available to use delivered through various forms of light data meant to assist those who resonate with a specific thread of clarity and evolution.

This evolution is for those who see beyond the veil, live in an active state of creation and are here to leave legacy level impact on human consciousness systems.

On a collective level, there are three main advancements streaming into consciousness that you may be feeling called to upgrade.

  • Upgrading your ego/operating system
  • Upgrading your intuition
  • Upgrading your manifestation software.

There are many old paradigm systems of transformation that are currently dissolving and losing traction. Although these transformational tools are not inaccurate in origin, they are outdated and ineffective at this stage of our evolution. More specifically they are unintegrated and incomplete, addressing symptoms instead of the source.

As is similarly common in growth stages, exploration is pivotal to data collection and analysis. In the example of outdated transformational paradigms, one could deduce that regarding faulty ego (shadow) intuition, and manifestation, a sufficient amount of data has been gathered and processed through the collective.


Innovation is on the horizon.


You will experience modalities and healing strategies that used to work for you, lose their energetic structure and not deliver the same results.

You will find yourself with a sense of knowing there is something more and you will search for it with the curiosity of potential, not from need or desperation.

You will find your eyes flicker at the spark of your unique magic and the modality that you are here to create.

Because it is time to step into your own.


The energy of this month is gearing you up to activate that desire in you. Asking you to clean, clear, and lay deeper foundations.


Those with big callings in this area of service will feel the call to tap in, tune in. get support, and step up.

Practically the rest of the year will be all about innovation. Not about being the first to market but about being the first to solve “problems” in a new and unique way.

Speaking to the Identity, this step up requires courage, action, and a graduating from the remaining fucks you have to give about fitting in.

But the good news is, it's about to get weirder and in a very short amount of time, if you aren’t already feeling it now, what will seem really weird, is going with the flow.


So let’s get it.

Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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