2024 Energy Forecast


This morning I was discussing the 2024 energy forecast with someone close to me and I had a realization about Predictions + Intuition.

My Intuitive sense for this 2024 has two main themes of awareness, I have been feeling into them for the better part of 2023...

I see two very different timelines on the horizon and the power within each and every one of us, depending on our level of conscious awareness, to tune into a shift of potential and possibility.


The timeline shift of potential as the prophecy depends on whether or not we are operating form our higher intelligence or the distorted ego.

Firstly, for me 2024 is a massively expansive year, the ground work and foundational focus I laid in 2023 has set a stage for myself and the clients I work with to thrive. There has been much acceleration in my work in the form of applying consciousness + manifestation technologies to cut through the density and confusion.

Operating free of this density clarifies the field and creates a kind of resilience and immune system for the energies that are to come. Technology like DIVINEOS is a daily practice for releasing limitation and distortion. This work is crucial for clarity as a combative agent to the massive energetic upgrades coming in 2024 in contrast to the equally massive invitations we, as a collective will experience to return to fear and chaos on the horizon.

As a result, the development of your singular matrix is paramount. Solidifying the strength of the internal reality to disconnect from the collective karma while simultaneously opening space for integrated consciousness in the form of love as one of the whole.


2024 in this awareness is rich, vibrant, thriving and full of unimaginable magic.


Secondly, lets talk about the collective in 2024. On a world stage humanity will experience a lot of chaos, I have a sense that connecting to your tribe and having the right kind of people in your life that support you and want to create with you is incredibly important. Find Your People. Upgrade your tools. Boundaries are extremely important as the collective awareness will be fighting for your awareness, attempting to suck you back into old paradigms that are dying off through political themes, violence, war, distorted masc/fem energetics, and looping human drama. Humans will struggle with money, nature, relationships, and identity within that context.

Energies like outrage, despair, requirements to assimilate to black & white thinking, victimhood, separation, and lack of innovation (solutions) are a red flag. I recommend you turn away from spaces that encourage false empowerment as a guise for "taking your power back" delivering justice, and holding others responsible for their experience.

2024 in this awareness delivers the exact energies we need to experience pressure and evolve into states of higher intelligence that ignite our ability to thrive.


Let's talk about Intuition + data overload.


When it comes to data overload, Intuition connects you to a source of internal data that not only aligns you with your own truth, but the truth of what energies and paradigms are in operating in the collective. Intuition is not only meant to guide you but at the highest level of its operation, creates the timelines you walk upon, seeded from your inner knowing.

You have a gut level intuition, a seeker level intuition, and a source level intuition.

Gut level intuition is an animalistic fear based response to safety and survival.

Seeker level intuition is kind of like intuitive training wheels, it gets you asking questions and expecting that there is more aligned, true, and sourced level information available to you.

But Source level intuition creates the timeline because it knows.


Consider this in the context of the energy forecast I shared above. If your focus + attention is the rich resource collective consciousness is "fighting" for than what could possibly be more important than developing high level intuition so that you KNOW where to put your attention.


Predictions are one thing, but your Intuition can create the prophecy when you learn how to elevate your relationship to it.


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