Internal Sources of Power

Internal Sources of Power

+ The truth of challenge and resilience..


When it comes to internal sources of power, the truth of challenge and resilience is that challenge builds skill

Challenge gives you the opportunity to cultivate your internal power source. Resilience strengthens the operating system so that you build muscle memory aligned with who you choose to be.

Not who your patterns have made you.

When we set big intentions for relationships or money, we have to be willing to change ourselves and the way we show up for those relationships so that we can relate to what we are creating in a different way.

One of the best ways we can do this is with grace and by learning how to operate authentically from our soul.

Developing a deep connection with ourselves and the resources that are there to support us.

When we learn how to master a perspective of growth in our system, nothing can stop us from using every awareness that comes our way.

The truth of challenge and resilience is that it takes a daily practice committed to reprogramming the fear mind in order to support the high vibrational expansion we are attempting to embody.

Think of it as balance.

High vibration and intention calls in new energy and awareness. Reprogramming the fear mind creates space to receive it.

Without these two points of awareness active in your life field, you will wobble and move slowly and that creates confusion in the system.

Confusion is a form of alchemy. It questions itself until it knows.

The power of your identity and magic comes from knowing who you are. That is what creates the money, love, and sensation you are searching for.

Knowing who you are is also how you find answers to the existential questions we are always asking ourselves.

As fractals of the divine and the universe, you are both the question and the answer.

Embodiment says "Do you understand?"

Discover how you can lead yourself into mastering more Magic, Potential, and Purpose. 

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