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Sinatia - Living as magic

I have been teaching and learning how to live as magic

for three and a half years now and when I say this, I mean a very intense state of focused awareness.


The root of this practice is mastering manifestation. I use that word because it is the simplest terminology to understand when we are introducing ourselves to the concept of integrated magic.

One of the things I didn't like about my experience studying magic in mystery schools is that most of the magical teachings and esoteric concepts lived outside of the life field. I felt this way after two years of studying Kabbalah. And I loveeeee Kabbalah, don't get me wrong.

My point is that all of the high level teachings I garnered under magical study didn't translate to the tiny things I did in my day to day life.

I was unable to integrate them in mundane moments. I was unable to live as them without becoming a practitioner of the teachings and I knew there was something more.

Where I arrived when I started to study living as magic was the end of a journey of doing rituals instead of becoming the ritual.

My work inside of SINATIA has been about becoming THE ONE. Moving beyond my beyond.

Beyond Manifestation
Beyond Magic
Beyond Mindset
Beyond Goal setting
Beyond Personality
Beyond Limitation…...

What | learned is that there is a specific perspective that allows us to touch this becoming and we learn it by moving beyond manifestation and into creation. We sync up with what is beyond us in the now moment and integrate with our future potential.

I wanted to live as magic. Not study it.

If you want to learn this too, I can guide you to become the magical COMPASS and learn to master manifestation and beyond.

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