Taking Back The Dark

The reason we need to own the dark is because it is the fertile soil of our own depth and magic.


It is the place where we truly meet ourselves.

It is the womb of creation and it is pure potential.

If we allow fear and powerlessness to grow in us, then what we find is the dark is similar to evil.

This is why people mistake evil with darkness and we need to correct this perception.

Let me define evil. Evil is the result of low vibrational human creation. Lack of humanity. It is what gets in the way of our evolution back to self. It’s not about some nefarious plot for destruction and depravity like a horror movie even though it functions in the exact same way.

It becomes a horror movie in real life yes, but is that what it is at the root? No.

There is a functional truth.

Evil is created from ignorance, fear, desperation, and lack of power.

And the dark is the place where we can change this.

If we can meet ourselves with power, beauty, and heart expression. With imagination, solutions, and the soul…we become genius.


When we understand divine principles and soul magic….the structures of how this operates in us we can take back all the beauty and power in us as and plant potent seeds of our own self knowing.

Until we do this we ride the threads of polarity attempting to discover on a soul level what we will choose.

This is why know thyself is the ultimate spiritual journey, but it matters that we choose the right kind of self to know.


This is also why the single eye is such an honest symbol and used in so many different representations of magic and mystery.

It’s about The Who that is looking back at you when you look at yourself.

A journey to the depth of your own magic is like ascending in instead of out. When we focus on ascension and send our bodies up and out to search into the universe we find the same version of that dark potential. Everything is there and we don’t know what we are getting unless we are very intentional and careful.

Like calling on gods and goddesses, spirit guides, angels, or other forms of constructed entities to help us. We are still looking to be saved.

The divine is already in you and has an architecture that supports you in a simple and potent way. It has all the components of spiritual power but it is also you.

It holds all the elements of saving yourself.

This is why I don’t subscribe to or interact with external beings with my intention although I have felt and seen these energies before as archetypes.

Committing to an inward journey ensures that you find what you are really looking for which in my opinion is to finally meet yourself and your power as a creator.

That is your magic.



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